Sure, you can drink wine from whatever you’d like, be it a plastic cup or mason jar. But what you drink your wine from is more important than you might think! With the holiday season upon us, you are sure to be hosting gatherings and enjoying a glass of Merlot by the fire. It’s hard to deny the fact that most people love wine. Americans hold the title as being the number one wine consuming country on the planet. With this, wine connoisseurs are on the rise and you likely know someone who is an aficionado – it might even be you!

Capitalize on the trend this holiday season by introducing stunning yet timeless glassware on your dinner table and under the tree.  This wine glassware guide will keep you in the know before your guests arrive, and help you present your favorite wines perfectly.

Various kinds of glassware are staples in restaurants and many households.While it is widely known there are different glasses for different purposes, people are generally unsure as to why and where to start when building their collection. Read on to demystify the reason for various shapes and sizes and see recommendations for what you are looking for as a gift or for your holiday event.

Refine Your Wine Glass Knowledge

Let’s kick it off with a holiday favorite – red wine! The wine glass exudes luxury, with its long step and unique shape. However, there is much more to the wine glass that just good looks! The classic stem of the glass keeps the warmth of your hands away from the glass. This prevents your body heat from changing the temperature of the wine!

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Aero Red Wine (12.25 oz) - Box of 6

Red wine glasses generally have a shorter stem than other types of stemmed glassware. The red wine glass is also easily identified by its wider bowl. The size of the bowl also has its place in the wine tasting experience! Red wines have a heavier presence of tannin than their lighter counterparts. The larger bowl and resulting larger surface offer a greater surface area for the wine to be aerated. This is ideal for inexpensive wines, as the introduction to oxygen helps reveal the flavors and scents within the wine.

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Palace White Wine 11oz - Box of 6

In the next stop on our wine gift guide journey, let’s examine the white wine glass! In contrast to the red wine glass, the white wine glass is taller with a skinner opening and taller bowl. The tulip shape of the glass is meant to maintain crisp and fruity aromas. So, when you take the first sip, the scent associated flavors of the wine quickly meet your nose. White wine is generally served chilled, so the taller stem keeps warm body heat away from the glass to keep it cold longer!

Celebratory Champagne

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Crescendo Champagne 8.25oz - Box of 4

We would be remiss to not include the ever-festive beverage champagne on this wine glassware guide. The champagne glass or “flute” is even taller and thinner than the white wine glass. The glass is also tulip shaped, but with a longer and skinner bowl. This glass to was crafted with functionality in mind. The slender bowl shape is meant to retain as much carbonation as possible while being poured into the glass. Also like the white wine glass, the taller flute allows the fruits aromas to shine and the bubbly fragrance to greet your nose quickly!

Wine Glassware Pro Status

wine glassware guide my decor center

The Wine Glasses - Art Print

So now you know the basics of wine glassware, and with this guide in hand, can spout your newfound knowledge over turkey dinner this Thanksgiving! Try being creative in your gift giving and combine a stunning stemmed wine glass set along with a complimenting bottled wine of choice. You could even stick with the holiday wine glassware guide theme by pairing the wine and glasses with a book detailing wine regions and flavors!

The ideas are endless! Whether you are looking to impress with your gift giving or at your holiday party, sprucing up your glassware is a great place to start! Our Thanksgiving Sale, starting November 22nd, will make the entire store – including the stemware – buy 1 get 1 50% off! So, you can stock up before the guests arrive and make your holiday gift giving budget stretch even further!

Our glassware offerings don’t just end with wine either! We have a wide range of beer glasses, for that uncle who has everything and cocktail glasses for your aunt who loves her whiskey and Coke. Consider crossing two names off your list at once with our buy 1 get 1 50% off holiday promotion.

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