With a new year comes changes. From personal goals in health and fitness to financial goals, there are many areas we seek to improve. Home décor probably isn’t high on your list of resolutions – but maybe it should be! We look to our homes from comfort and rejuvenation. The team at My Décor Center has scoured the internet and found the top interior design trends to incorporate into your living space in 2019. The best part? Most of the coming changes easily transition and build off current trends. So you can make a few simple updates and personalize and rejuvenate your home.

Read on to learn how you can freshen up your home and start your new year off right!

Natural Wood Touches

interior design trends 2019

Anita - Console Table (Natural & White)

While incorporating wood into interior design is about as classic as you can get, natural and unfinished wood will take center stage this year. Popular designers like Joanna Gaines continue to inspire us with rustic farmhouse elements incorporating unfurnished wood. However, this design trend is seen from the Boho revival all the way to industrial modern looks. For this reason, natural wood is an easy way to update your space in 2019 and is timeless enough to last you decades to come.

While Scandinavian style minimalism has reigned supreme the past several years, incorporating natural wood elements adds an unexpected touch and brings a natural element to a space that might have otherwise been a bit sterile.

Earthy Tones

interior design trends 2019

Forbes recently announced Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color Forecast. This is often used to inspire interior designers and identifies what is to come in trends for the year. It seems as though the taupe- greys and clean whites we have come to know and love are still on the list – but mentionable newcomers include several earthy tones.

Much like the instance with natural wood being found in unexpected places, an earthy color palette is a great way to add warmth and a touch of personality to the modern minimalist design we are seeing in furniture.

Color of the Year Night Watch green

interior design trends 2019

Image Source: Setting for Four

PPG paints have dubbed 2019 the year of Night Watch green. This rich jade shade adds an unexpected touch and blends well with many popular existing décor elements like copper, gold, black and white or shades of grey. The color is the perfect mix of warmth and personality and upscale luxury to be a great addition to most spaces.

Additionally, this green shade also offers a great way to incorporate an earthy tone revival we will likely be in seeing in the coming year.

Multi-functional Pieces

Interior Design Trends 2019

Brutus - Bench

As more and more people move toward city living and celebrating minimalism and small spaces, it only makes sense for designers create fashionable yet multi-functional pieces for their customers. This interior design trend means you can add a fun piece, and still have added space or storage!

So be on the lookout for accent pieces with an unexpected element and some flair. Not only will these pieces add interest to your space, but they can also serve to declutter and organize your living areas for a better organized 2019!

Indoor Plants Continue to Grow in Popularity

Interior Design Trends 2019

Justino - Console Table (Gray)

Another trend continuing to grow is the addition of indoor plants. From added health benefits to brightening up a lonely corner in your living space, indoor plants are here to stay. Plants like the dark and lush fiddle leaf fig to the tropical and fun monstera palm have made their presence known in many stylish homes and magazines.

Those who wish to make a big impression should consider adding larger and more mature indoor trees, as this will be an interior design trend in the coming year. A great way to add a personalized touch to the trend and incorporate plants into your design scheme is to look for planters and vases that compliment your style.

Cheers to a New Year

As the holiday season comes to a close and we begin to look forward to the year ahead, it’s the perfect time to set new personal goals and make steps toward turning your living space into the one you have always dreamed of.  By introducing touches of color, you can make a space feel brand new, and adding a fun natural wood texture can add style to your home. From small updates like new throw pillows to a total room revival complete with tables and seating, My Décor Center has just what you need to make this year the best one yet!

Be sure to check out our other blogs for even more interior design trend inspiration, and as always enjoy free shipping with no minimum purchase!


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