Modern apartments are becoming more and more popular. Today's decorating ideas are moving towards a flatter, sleeker and minimal designs. In particular, architects and decorators all agree that this is a shift in the world. In this content, take a look at our suggestions on choosing the right furniture and finding the right colors.  Also, learn about the magic of adding mirrors to your home and how multi-functional furniture could maximize your space.

Modern is Passion for Simplicity

Priority, simplicity, and minimalism in modern decoration. In this respect, we can say that modern decoration resembles minimalist decoration. So, there is no room for modern decoration! Now, let's open up a little more modern decor.

  • If you are going to apply the minimalist decoration style with a passion for simplicity, you should choose white and chrome colors.
  • The Geometric form is an element that should be preferred by those who dream of modern decoration where simplicity is at the forefront. We recommend choosing small decorative figures as well as the furniture you will use in the room decor.
  • The choice of sofas and armchairs in fine white-coated fabrics is ideal for applying the passion of simplicity to decoration.

It is more fashionable to use a few distinct colors rather than accepting the dominance of a particular color. For Example, a faint purple-colored wall or wallpaper, black leather armchairs, a red wooden bookshelf. The important thing is that it gives a feeling of comfort when we look at it. Here are a few examples of modern apartment decoration tips:


Choosing the Right Furniture

Choose your furniture well so that you have more space, avoid large and bulky furniture. In most studio apartments, the small and narrow L seats should be your first choice. If you make the right choice, these types of seats occupy less space than the seating groups. This way you can make your room look bigger and more spacious than it is.

Beguile Upholstered Fabric Sofa (Expectation Gray)


Finding the Right Colors

You can make your Studio apartment more spacious with well-selected wall and furniture colors. White, beige, light cream tones, light gray or light pastel tones reflect the light so you can make your home look wider and enjoy a more spacious room. The absence of color transitions between the wall and the ceiling ensures integrity. Another important point in the arrangement of the Modern apartment is how you place your furniture. Positioning your seat, bed, white goods or desk as much as possible against the wall will make it more visible.

Adjacent Desk (White)

Mirror Magic!

When you enter a very mirrored room, we can imagine that we are in a vast place. this is actually a game where mirrors play for us. Mirrors with depth effect will show your magic in your Studio apartment if you use it together with your furniture or alone.

Arwen Rustic Wood Frame Mirror (Walnut)


What is Minimalism?

    Minimalism, which is more frequently encountered in recent times, is presented as Modern apartment decoration suggestions with few accessories and furnishings. Very crowded looking and eye-tired places always appear smaller than our eyes. Therefore, few things, much peace!

    Stratum 40" Dining Table (White)


    Add Multi-functional Items!

    It is up to you to make your limited space more useful; space-saving furniture such as sliding cupboards or intertwined multipurpose coffee tables, Room divider that can be used as divider for your guests and can also be used as decorative screen, and wall-mounted tables are among the tips that can make your living room more spacious.

    Fakhanu - Coffee Table (Rustic Natural & Black)


    Lighting Advice in Modern Apartments

    The biggest advantage of decorating a modern apartment is that it has plenty of natural light. However, it must be correctly distributed and not artificial. For Example, you can use a magnificent chandelier hanging in the middle of the room in the lounge section. You should select fluorescent or incandescent bulbs as bulbs. For small lamps, you can use optical fiber. Multicolored yarns will create a magical atmosphere. In addition, try to match your lamps with the theme of the section. Since each region is a separate world, the lighting within it must be arranged in different ways. But don't overdo it. The abundance of lighting devices will create a sense of chaos and clutter.

    Cherish Brass Metal Pendant Light


    My Décor Center has furniture to complement every home décor style! From modern to traditional, industrial or mid-century modern. Once you have decided on the overall look you hope to achieve for your space, you can get to work implementing these simple style tricks used by the pros to get your shelving looking magazine worthy. Stop by and check out our other blogs for even more interior design inspiration and as always, enjoy free shipping with no minimum purchase!

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