Comfortable, quiet, peaceful - these words likely describe the bedroom of your dreams. As people grow busier with daily to-do’s they are seeking the perfect retreat at the end of the day – and rightfully so! From battling the drop off line at school to trudging through rush hour traffic, decompressing and unwinding is important for personal well-being and putting your best foot forward the next day.

Creating your bedroom oasis doesn’t have to be daunting! No matter if you have a large space to fill, or a tiny space to make the most of, My Décor Center has bedroom furnishings from modern to contemporary to help make your bedroom a calming sanctuary.

bedroom oasis

Linnea Full Bed (Teal)

Focus on the background: Any time spent leafing through a design magazine will demonstrate that muted neutrals are the top shades currently. However, the bedroom is the perfect room to add an ethereal vibe by introducing pale and calming shades of blue or green. These colors will help you feel closer to nature and add special charm to your place to rest and unwind for the evening!

 bedroom oasis

Estate Full Bed (Brown)

Don’t forget to look down: While overhauling the entire room and changing the flooring isn’t always in the budget, adding a plush rug can be a luxurious and less expensive touch! Consider a faux sheep’s skin rug on either side of the bed to add a glamorous feel to your bedroom. Another way to make great use of the space is to include a rug to add a vibrant splash of color. All-white bedding is popular, and in rented spaces painting the walls might be out of the question. Adding an area rug in an ocean blue or mauve pink shade can be a fantastic way to change up the feel of the room with minimal commitment or investment. This is a simple yet effective way to transform your bedroom into an oasis!

bedroom oasis

Addison Queen Bed (Black Gray)

Front and center: It’s called the bedroom for a reason! Make sure your bed is one you are excited to come home to! From soft sheets to a plush comforter – getting the bed of your dreams doesn’t have to be costly! The professionals recommend a thread count of 400 or higher for optimum comfort for sheets. Add cozy layers to your bedding for the perfect place to rest your head. If your mattress is less than ideal but you are lacking the budget for an upgrade, consider a foam mattress pad to help ease back pain and ensure a good night’s rest.

 bedroom oasis

Fredrick - Dresser

Make it hotel quality: We all know how nice it is to visit a luxury hotel and feel as though everything in the room is catered to your comfort. Why not make your bedroom like a fancy hotel? Take the time to clear out clutter from drawers and closets and see to it that everything in your bedroom has a designated home. If you have a bathroom adjoining your master bedroom, don’t forget to upgrade it as well! A simple white shower curtain and fresh new towels will have you soaking in a warm bath and being transported to pure bliss in no time!

bedroom oasis

Tracy Wood Dresser (White)

Add some personality: Don’t forget your bedroom is an extension of you and your personality. Add frames of loved ones, your grandmother’s heirloom antique nightstand or your favorite piece of art. Additionally, consider displaying eclectic items from vacations and time spent adventuring the world. By doing so, you will surround yourself with fond memories every night and love your bedroom oasis even more.

bedroom oasis

Corbin - Nightstand

It’s all in the details: You don’t have to empty your bank account to make stylish improvements to your bedroom. A simple stylish pair of reading lamps might be just what you need. Also, a colorful throw blanket and matching pillows can add style and a fresh vibe to your bedroom!

bedroom oasis

Daysi - Nightstand

Good bones: From nights stands to headboards, the right furniture pulls the space together and sets the style. There are limitless options to choose from. Light wood is great for a coastal bright look and darker woods add a lux feeling.  Additionally, bedroom furniture is always worth investment, since it tends to be held onto and cherished – often for generations!

We hope you have inspired to you change the way you look at your bedroom and challenge you to make it a place you love. From simple changes to a complete overhaul, you are sure to find just what you are dreaming of. Check out our site for unique lamps, vibrant rugs, and stunning accent chairs – and you will be well on your way to loving your bedroom oasis!

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