Minimalism in furniture and interior design has been a staple of modern spaces for decades. While design trends come and go, minimalism is one that has always been in use – and with good reason. It is a fantastic way to design a room with modern elements and focus on a few pieces you love, instead of filling your space with pieces just because you “need them”.

Additionally, as more people are increasingly choosing to live in condos and apartments, minimalism can be an outstanding way to use small spaces and give the illusion of larger rooms. The current trend of tiny houses and van-travel living will only make this style continue to grow in popularity!

Deciding on the right modern furniture for your minimalist design is essential for ensuring your design works well together and comfortable. Without the right furniture and decor elements, a minimalist theme design can tend to look like an unfinished space!

What is Minimalist Interior Design Anyway?

Minimalism in furniture and design mostly refers to the absence of anything decorative without a specific use. Everything in a minimalist design is functional, has a purpose and reason for being present in the space.

Some other general aspects of minimalist design and furniture include:
• Neutral and subdued shades, such as white, black, grey, and taupe shades
• Smooth finishing on surfaces
• Large windows, and many sources of light
• Multi-functional furniture
• Built-in or hidden appliances
• Empty and open space
• The absence of strictly decorative elements
• Sharp lines on furniture pieces
• Lack of print or floral design on furniture
• No unnecessary storage or clutter

Incorporating Modern Furniture into Your Minimalist Design


The one rule for a minimalist designed couch is no patterns. All upholstery should be solid and generally are neutral shades. Another essential aspect of minimalist modern couches is a strong design and sharp lines. Couches should be elegant, not over-designed, and offer versatility.

Multi-functional sofas, like pull-out couches or sectional sofas, are great for minimalist design as they provide the excellent function without taking up too much space. Sofas with storage included are also ideal for minimalism, as they will reduce clutter and leave more space open.

Minimalist Modern Decor

Astra II - Adjustable Sofa (Beige Linen)

My Décor Center’s Astra II – Adjustable Sofa is a great example of a minimalist sofa that would fit in a variety of spaces. The muted shades, clean lines, and functionality allow for a space to feel brighter, bigger, and more welcoming.


In apartments and condos or other small spaces, minimalist style demonstrates that a table isn't even needed! Using island or bar in your kitchen with a few modern bar stools is all that you need for minimalism in a small space!

If you are decorating a larger business or space, however, you are still welcomed to use a simple minimalist table for your dining room. It should be smooth and sleek with straight lines. Minimalist kitchens and dining rooms will often boast a table with a glossy finish!

Modern Minimalist Home Decor

Adams - White Lacquer Dining Table

Moden Minimalist Decor

Campbell - Contemporary Walnut Dining Table

The Adams White Lacquer Dining Table and Campbell Contemporary Walnut Dining Table are two stunning examples of functional yet modern dining room tables that fit into a minimalist design concept. Their straight lines and ability to easily fit more people for large gatherings means that the rest of the time, your dining room will have plenty of empty space that can be used efficiently.


One of the main differences that distinguish minimalism from other modern furniture trends is in the chairs. At my Décor Center, we generally recommend mixing together dining chairs and occasional chairs to keep rooms looking unique and personalized. However, when it comes to minimalist furniture chairs should always be uniform.

Modern Minimalist Decor

Jacotte - Bar Stool (Natural / Black)

Dining room chairs should be the same style, bar stools should be the same, and occasional chairs should only be used when necessary and match your couch! Maintain the minimalist theme by using chairs with straight lines, in neutral shades, and that have metal legs.

When deciding whether to have metal or wood legs for your chairs, be sure that your choice compliments the colors and other furniture in your space. Mixing wood and metal isn't typically considered ideal in a minimalist design!


Decorating a bedroom in a minimalist design with modern furniture can be especially rewarding, as having less clutter in your bedroom can help you to sleep more soundly. The soft, neutral shades associated with minimalist design are the most popular in bedrooms, as they promote comfort and relaxation.

Modern Minimalist Decor

Anita - Cabinet (Natural & White)

Having an open closet space to put away all your clothes and other necessities means that the rest of your room has less furniture and less clutter. A minimalist bedroom could also include a rug, multiple lighting options, and a simple nightstand with drawers. This way you are able to easily function in your bedroom but aren’t burdened by extra items crowding your space!

My Décor Center Can Help!

If you're looking to modernize your home and business or want to start fresh with a minimalist design, My Décor Center can help! We have modern furniture that fits into minimalist designs and can help you find the colors, materials, and pieces that feel right for you!

As always, we offer free shipping with no minimum purchase!

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