The Sought-After Pattern

Everywhere you look the Trellis pattern is the most sought-after contemporary design. Elegantly adds sophistication to any room of your choice whether Indoors or Outdoors! If you have a space in your home that lackluster, throw in a Trellis rug and watch how that room come together and capture life.

Cerelia Moroccan Trellis


Vintage Look Mesh with Contemporary

Are you a writer that seeks inspiration from a well-lit fully furnished room? A radiant room that has plenty of windows, gleaming with the luminescence of light can do just the trick! All furniture should be light and airy and should not prevent you from writing the best novel ever! Adding a nice beige Vintage Floral Trellis pattern rug could put a room together without too much effort.

 Vintage Look Trellis


Your Basic Trellis Design

 If you have a large backyard deck and looking to procreate that ambiance you’ve always wanted, it’s quite easy! You don’t need to be an Interior Decorator just to be able to achieve that. Some are drawn to a more abstract pattern, undeniably nowadays the Quatrefoil supersedes them all!

 Quatrefoil Trellis


A Different Kind of Trellis 

What if you are one of those people that is not too keen on your standard Trellis motif? Everybody has their own taste even when it comes down to the minuscule details as picking a rug for your favorite room in the house, outdoor or bedroom. A Geometric Trellis pattern might be a good choice if you are tired of seeing the same style in every household.

Geometric Trellis


Shag Trellis Rug

If you have a room that feels cold, a shag rug can help warm up any space in your house to give a cozy look where you can curl up your toes in and savor the plush of flocculent texture of a shag.

Shag Trellis Rug


So now you see, there are so many Trellis patterns to choose from! Let My Décor Center pair you up with the design of your liking.  As always, Free Shipping with No Minimum at My Décor Center!



("Cerelia Moroccan Trellis 5x8 Indoor and Outdoor Area Rug (Blue and Beige)", 2019)

("Ariana Vintage Floral Trellis 5x8 Indoor and Outdoor Area Rug (Light and Dark Beige)", 2019)

("Avena Moroccan Quatrefoil Trellis 8x10 Indoor and Outdoor Area Rug (Gray and Beige)", 2019)

("Jagged Geometric Diamond Trellis 5x8 Indoor and Outdoor Area Rug (Gray and Beige)", 2019)

("Solvea Moroccan Trellis 8x10 Shag Area Rug (Dark Gray and Ivory)", 2019)


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