Designing the office & work environments is like creating a perfect piece by combining psychological elements. In contrast to home decoration, more focus is needed to create a better working environment for office decoration. This should go beyond the standard recommendations and decorate the industry in a way that provides the employees with adequate service. In order to provide an environment where you feel comfortable and where your productivity is most, you should carefully select the objects and colors that will form your decoration. By spreading the objects and photos that will make you happy and enjoy happiness at any time, you can take your motivation to the ceiling and spend efficient work or working day.

According to the surveys, we spend 57% of our time awake working in the office. This means that the time we spend in the office makes a difference to the time we spend socializing both at home and outside! So, while we spend most of our lives at work, do you think we care enough about office decoration?

Since we believe that the space we spend time directly affects the mood and productivity, we came up with great office decorating ideas to refresh our offices and mind.

Let There Be Light

Light selection and location are the most important issues in office decoration. Often, we don't understand how tired our eyes and body are in the documents or computers we need to focus on for hours at the desks. So for that, you can choose our Derive Brass Wall Sconce Light Fixture or our trendy yet modern View Double Fixture Wall Lamp. You can choose to escape your sleep and eliminate your focus problem by choosing these lighting fixtures in the light selection. It is said that white light is dazzling, according to research, but because yellow light creates dimness in the environment, after a while, it brings people's sleep and may force you to continue your work.

Derive Brass Wall Sconce Light Fixture


Add Books and Bookshelves

One of the most important steps is to add a huge library of books or mix-and-match books plus accessories to your office and create a space for us to help you when you are stuck for information. This will both give you peace of mind visually and will be spiritual and will feed your brain and soul. For the Library shelf, you must add a bookshelf that goes with your office theme it can either be a Mileta II - Bookshelf (White Finish) or Transmit Bookcase (Walnut). You can create a shelf with objects that you will be happy to see in your office, so both the regular image will give you the determination to work and you will be motivated to see photos of your favorite objects or people.


Comfortable Yet Stylish

 It's very important for our health to be comfortable with the chair we've spent for a long time. Another important detail that we should not ignore is that the chair we choose is suitable for the style and colors we choose and it should be built according to ergonomics. You can choose either stylish looking Veer Mesh Office Chair (Red) or the luxurious office chair Harith - Executive Office Chair (Vintage Blue).

Veer Mesh Office Chair


Rug Says It All

Carpet or rug is like a final touch to a room. In this case office, it can make or break your décor. It is a preferred method to have a carpet in your office to provide you with the warmth of your home and to remove yourself from the psychology you have come to work. We realize that with the warmth that it gives you, you can create more efficient projects. You can go for plain-swirl in one tone or chevron with borders in monochrome tones or if you are feeling that office décor is too colorless you can opt for abstract floral; it can give the oomph factor to any lifeless office place.

Optica Chevron With End Borders 8x10 Indoor and Outdoor Area Rug


Office Desk Selection

When decorating office desks are notable. The sleek modern ones with little metallic touch are the perfect option for the office desk. Functional and decorative desks with drawers help you adjust your desk easily. In your desk selections, you can try to adapt to your office's general style and design. You can create your office looks luxurious yet functional and a happy place to be if you switch to light colors in office shades.

Sector Office Desk


 Go Live with Colors

If you have a white or gray-dominated office, we recommend you to have the idea of choosing more economical and fun colorful accessories like these yellow and red end tables. Adding them to your dim looking office will boost energy and it will keep your energy or morale high throughout the day.


Sonria- End Table


Don't Miss Plants Around You

According to research, the presence of pets or plants in the office allows employees to establish a deeper emotional bond with the office and their professions. Therefore, in order to keep your feet back in the morning, instead of using crowded decorative objects on your desk or in the common areas of the office, you can place plants of your choice according to your taste. Durable and long-lasting plants such as succulent can be ideal for the office.

We hope that some suggestions will help you and your offices take advantage of the ideas we offer you. Don't hesitate to contact our team at any time and ask us all the questions you have in mind. As always, Free Shipping with No Minimum at My Décor Center!

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