We have all seen those shelves on the covers of interior design magazines. Perfectly staged with special detailed paid to every book, every trinket. But how do they do it? Who has the time? It turns out getting that perfectly styled look for your bookshelves isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. Shelves are a staple in homes of all styles and work to suit many purposes. In small spaces like apartments, they are used for more functional purposes like storing books and board games. In larger homes, they are often used to take up visual space and add a functional design element.

All too easily, shelves can become the dumping ground for unread novels and other hardly used items. With a few simple steps, you can have the best of both worlds! Styling shelves that compliment your space, and functional storage space that you love to look at. Today we are going to examine top designer tips for getting that perfectly styled shelving look in your home.

First Thing is First: Styling Books and Magazines

How to style shelves

Itzel C - Bookshelf (Antique Oak & Sandy Gray)

As media continues to move from print to digital, books and magazines are caught in a grey area. They either tend to be cherished books that you can’t bear to part with or a gifted book you have no interest in. Take a minute to decide which books you truly love and would like to highlight on your shelf. Many interior designers will go a step further and group books by colors, display books with accompanying colored covers, or a cohesive theme like classics or interior décor focused books. From there, choose the perfect bookends to compliment your style and home décor. From stunning geodes to simple copper spheres, there are countless bookends to give your bookshelf that extra touch of style and personalization.

Bring Nature Indoors

How to style shelves

Mileta II - Bookshelf (Black & Walnut)

An easily overlooked idea to bring a designer touch to your bookshelves is by adding a touch of greenery! Even if you don’t have a green thumb, consider a simple succulent, or even one of the many realistic artificial options. Introducing a plant to your shelving breaks up the hard lines and brightens up the space.

The Art of the Matter: Framed Photos and Artwork

How to style shelves

Transmit Bookcase (Walnut)

Gone are the days when photos were only in frames hanging on the wall. Many designers are taking a departure for the norm and simply leaning frames onto the wall. This trend lends itself perfectly to styling your shelves and adding interest and personalization to your living space. Consider pairing two frames that complement one another and vary in height. Add a print of your favorite family photo along with a work of art that speaks to you. This simple design element brings a cohesive look to the space and makes it truly stand out!

Looking Up… and Down: Height Variation

How to style shelves

Vivify Bookcase (Gray Walnut)

Another trick commonly executed flawlessly by the pros is varying the height of items placed on the shelf. Placing a tall item like a vase next to an antique clock balances out the look and creates that perfectly layered vibe we are all striving for. This also works well when arranging your favorite books. Use height variation to organize them in order of height or switch it up and place them in a thoughtful variation of heights.

Choose Your Neutrals

How to style shelves

Itzel B - Bookshelf (Antique Oak & Sandy Gray)

By grouping items on your shelves that compliment in tone and color family, you will instantly achieve a stylish and cohesive look. One way to get this look easily is to choose a neutral shade to work with and build out your shelving style from there. By deciding on a neutral base, you can let the room do the talking and allow the neutral shelf styling to transition easily as your style and color scheme changes. Using naturals tones to style your shelf also takes out much of the guesswork when planning the overall look. Simply select items in your neutral color family and you are well on your way to a stunning visual display.

We Have Just What You Are Looking For!

 How to style shelves

Sara - Bookcase (Espresso PU, Walnut & Sandy Black)

My Décor Center has shelves to complement every home décor style! From modern to traditional, industrial or mid-century modern. Once you have decided on the overall look you hope to achieve for your space, you can get to work implementing these simple style tricks used by the pros to get your shelving looking magazine worthy. Stop by and check out our other blogs for even more interior design inspiration and as always, enjoy free shipping with no minimum purchase! 

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