The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! A time filled with friends, family, food and busy travelers. With millions of people journeying to visit family this holiday season, you will likely have a guest on your doorstep in mere weeks! Now is the time to start considering if your space is guest-ready, so you can relax when the holiday festivities begin.

If you are hosting friends and family from afar, there is much more to consider than if you’ve bought enough apple pie. Creating a warm an inviting space is essential to welcome your guests. Here are a few things to consider when you are preparing your guest’s space for the holidays.

Clean the Clutter

Guest room closets seem to be the ideal place to store items. From boxes of seasonal items to outgrown children’s clothes, the space can become overgrown with clutter. Ensure there is enough space in the closet for your guest’s belongings as well as hangers available for clothing. Clear out shelving and floor space to allow room for gifts your guests may have brought along with them.

If your children’s playroom or your personal home office doubles as a guest room, take extra time to consider if the room is guest-ready. In a situation where a space is multi-purpose, it is easy to overlook the essentials needed to make the space inviting and comfortable.

Ensure that there is a lamp within reach of the bed. While this might seem like a minor detail, it will prevent your guests from fumbling around in a dark and unfamiliar room.  A table lamp is the easiest solution, and a great way to add warmth and interest. If you are in a pinch for space, the Cici floor lamp is an elegant choice. This lamp is designed with functionality in mind. The piece is easily moveable and with a sleek table surface attached, your guests can keep their personal items easily within reach.

my decor center lamp

Cici - Floor Lamp (Chrome)

my decor center lamp

Cici - Table Lamp (Rose Gold)

Additionally, you’ll want to be sure there is ample space for your guests to store their belongings. Clean out drawers in the room and clear out items cluttering the nightstand. Whether your guests are staying in a dedicated guestroom or multi-purpose space, a bench with hidden storage can offer a simple solution.

my decor center bench

Flavius - Bench With Storage (Teal)

A bench offers an easy place to keep a suitcase for travelers. The storage space allows you to either stash items otherwise located in the room or enables guests additional space for their belongings. Not to mention, once the visitors return home, you will have new space to tuck away seasonal items.

Keep it Cozy

So now that you’ve cleared the clutter and opened the space to welcome your guests, you’ll want to add a few personal touches. Adding a thoughtful note with the Wi-Fi password is a good idea, so your guests can peruse their laptops in the evenings. Another thoughtful gesture -try placing a carafe of water with matching glass on their nightstand. Your guests will be impressed and easily have their thirst quenched without need to find their way to the kitchen.

my decor center carafe

Sublime Carafe with Drinking Glasses - 5 piece set

Offer your guests fresh luxurious towels to elevate their experience. Place them nicely folded in an easily spotted area of the bedroom or bathroom. A fluffy robe is another simple way to bring luxury into the space and provides a quick cover when darting down the hallway at night. Finally, try adding a warm and inviting candle to a dresser or nightstand. Candles scented with warm smells evoke fond memories of holidays past and are an easy way to ready a space for guests. Try this bourbon vanilla scent, with a rich blend of exotic Madagascar vanilla, woody cedar, floral jasmine, and sandalwood. You might even want to pick up a second one as a gift – or for yourself!

my decor center candle

Bourbon Vanilla Scent - Wine Punt Candle

Making a List – Checking it Twice

So now you are one step closer to tackling the holiday rush! Your guests will be comfortable and welcomed. By clearing out and updating your space, you can feel confident your visitors will be impressed and enjoy their stay. Not to mention, the updates will have you starting your New Year off right! What could be better than sprucing up your space for guests and having the added benefit of a décor improvement at the same time?

Be sure to start your list for Santa early, as My Home Décor’s holiday event is quickly approaching. We are excited to announce our six-day sale beginning on November 27th. All items are "buy one get one" 50% off. With free shipping, you can’t go wrong! 

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