Perhaps the most exciting aspect of home décor and design is the endless possibilities and ability to perfectly cater your space to your style. While it is true that there are endless places to take design inspiration from, some have risen to the top over the years.

These styles tend to stand out, whether it is because they are so easy to update and remain modern or because they are so timeless that they just never seem to go completely out of style. These are the top home décor styles that have been front and center for some time! Which best defines your personal style? 

Modern Farmhouse Style

Home Décor Styles

Charla - Bench (Gray)

Perhaps the most trendy and newest addition to the list is the modern farmhouse style. Made famous by Joanna Gaines and HGTV’s Fixer Upper, this style is the perfect intersection of timeless classics, rustic and modern elements. It is easy to add a few items to play up this design, which makes it also a budget-friendly option. Well-loved for its earthy feel, natural tones, and wooden touches, this style won’t be going away any time soon!

Mid-century Modern Style

Home Décor Styles

Render Display Stand (Walnut)

 As we have covered in previous blogs, mid-century modern has made a major come back. It’s straight clean lines and modern minimalist look makes it a favorite style for many. From those who lived through the time period and sport vintage pieces to those who have appreciation for the no-fuss and simple look of the time, mid-century modern pieces can give your space a vintage yet modern vibe all at once.

French Country Style

Home Décor Styles

 Fordon - End Table (French Antique White)

A more traditional interior design is the French country style. This style had a revival on the heels of the shabby chic look, made popular in the early 2010s. Marked by mix and match pieces, bright blues and whites along with plush furnishings, this look can transport you to a Parisian villa with a few updates. It is widely popular due to the DIY elements often associated with more rustic looks. Look for pieces with worn edges and painted in misty blues or greys.

Industrial Style

Home Décor Styles

Itzel A - Bookshelf (Antique Oak & Sandy Gray)

Also recently covered in a related blog post, industrial design has been popular for over a decade now. It is easily identified by textured raw edges, natural untreated wood, and open floor plans. With the recent gentrification of neighborhoods in large cities that used to be home to warehouses, to your local coffee shop, this style adds a no-frills masculine vibe to your living space. From exposed wooden beams to choosing pieces with industrial elements, this style is a unique way to add personality to your home.

Mediterranean Style

Home Décor Styles

Ariana Vintage Floral Trellis 5x8 Indoor and Outdoor Area Rug (Blue and Beige)

Popular in California, Florida and other seaside locations, Mediterranean style celebrates relaxed styling with colorful additions and a bit of ornamentation. Think easy beach style, but with handmade southern European elements. Mediterranean style has mixed minimalism with resort and Moroccan touches. Making this a perfect choice for those who love a beachy vibe, but also lean toward clean lines. Add a stunning colorful rug and jute touches, and you are one step closer to the Italian vacation of your dreams! Worth mentioning, this style is not limited to only European influence, it includes Morocco and northern Africa. So, add bold colorful prints along with natural elements to really pay homage to the style.

Art Deco Style

Home Décor Styles

Intersperse Bench (Gold Black)

They say what goes around comes around. As we near the 20s, many interior designers are crafting pieces reminiscent of the Jazz Age. The roaring 20s are just around the corner and the style is sure to have your home be the talk of the town. Known for introducing artistic elements of the time into the home, this style is marked by bold geometric patterns, stunning light fixtures and plenty of gold touches. The Art Deco style was used in designing many great American buildings, including the iconic Chrysler building in New York City. The style is expected to be an easy transition from the popular golden metallic touches in many homes and is a strict departure from the natural and rustic elements that are currently popular. If you are looking to be ahead of the trends, Art Deco is the interior design theme for you!

Home Décor Style – Making it Your Own

No matter what look you fancy, the boom in interior décor styling options means you are free to exude your personality in your home! From clean and simple, to artistically ornate, there has never been a better time to style your home for your lifestyle. Take a look at our other blogs for additional ways to inspire your home design and enjoy free shipping with no minimum purchase!

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