The holidays are upon us! Celebrations with friends and family abound and you will likely be enjoying an adult beverage this holiday season. Beer is an easy crowd pleaser and with so many new seasonal beers entering the scene every year, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the choices and ways to serve them. We are here to help you learn more about which beer glasses suit your needs and why you should add them to your collection!.

Today My Décor Center is here to demystify the science of beer glasses and the best options you should be using in your holiday celebration this year!

Most of us know, much like in the instance of wine, certain shaped glasses are best for certain styles of beer – but why? We spend a lot of time pondering what we will be drinking and are aware that certain beverages are best at their designated optimal temperatures. So why is glassware so easily overlooked?

In the perfect glass, your beer’s color, flavors, aroma, and head are ideal, which means—before you even take a sip—your excitement is heightened just by looking at your brew and your pleasure receptors are turned on. In the right glass, your beer can show off its hidden aromas, stay carbonated longer, and can provide you with a holistic and complete experience.

Beer glasses come in many shapes and styles, many of which are very similar. So which glass should you use for which beer? Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! Here is a list of some of the most common glasses. Read on to brush up on your beer glass skills before the party starts!

Understanding the Shape of Your Glass

Classic Pint Glass

beer glasses

This is the familiar glass found in every bar and tasting room around the world. It is usually nearly cylindrical, with a slight taper toward the mouth. These glasses most commonly come in two different sizes: The straight-sided glass is the most commonly found in a 16-ounce size, and 20-ounce is for Stouts and Porters 

Pilsner Glass

Michelangelo Masterpiece Beer

This is the tall, slender glass that’s shaped like an elongated “V”. It generally holds 12-ounces. The narrow bottom, tapering to a wider top, aids in preserving and showcasing the carbonated head of the beer and it promotes head retention, which, maximizes the aroma.  The typically thinner glass that is used highlights the clarity of the beer. Clarity is one of the marks of a properly brewed lager. This glass is used for most lager style beers! This makes the pilsner glass another must have in your collection. Its attractive shape makes a handsome addition to any gathering. Also, given lager is a popular style of beer, it will get plenty of use!


This is the heavy, thick, often dimpled piece of glassware that provides the perfect vessel for the serious beer efficient. These sturdy mugs are crafted with the important acts of clinking together and cheering. they also have handles. The handle also promotes the friendliest of atmospheres as you can easily hold the glass while celebrating. This is the staple glass at most Oktoberfest festivals.  


Birrateque Premium

Boasting a wide-mouthed bowl, but the snifter tapers outward at the top, which specifically promotes a foamier and larger head. This is the glass of choice for most Belgian styles and Double IPAs. IPA style beer has gotten popular in recent years, so this is a good glass to add to your collection and have on hand!

Your most selective guests will likely gravitate toward beers served in these glasses, as Double and Triples are considered higher end ( and higher alcohol content!) choices. Serve these fine beverages in a fine glass to match!

IPA Glass

Birrateque IPA

This glass looks a bit like stemless wine glass in an elongated column. It gradually widens from a smaller bottom into a large bowl before tapering again at the top. This means it delivers and maintains a consistent head while promoting for the complex aromas make their way to the top!

Making Your List - Checking it Twice!

Whatever you chose, we have just what you need to grow (or begin!) your collection at My Décor Center. From wine glasses to unique glassware we have what you need to wow your guests this holiday season!

Now that you are well versed in beer glasses, consider pairing a stunning beer glass set along with a few of your favorite beers in a pretty basket as a holiday gift. It is a fun way to add practicality to a personal gift.

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