In the modern business landscape, working remote and flexible hours is becoming the new normal. Not only are at home and work-ready spaces pretty to look at, but also they boost your productivity and provide you a flexible space to get your business done!

If you are an entrepreneur looking to set up an office, or simply your household’s Chief Financial Officer and are looking for a space to keep matters organized, here are some great advantages to having a home office and tips for how to put one together with organization and style!

Advantages of a Home Office

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Business Advantages of a Home Office


Lower Start-Up and Monthly Expenses:

Whether you are already a business owner or are looking to start one in the coming year, there is a great deal to be said about the savings you can see by establishing your business office from your home. While this is not possible for businesses that tend to meet with clients in person or perform services on site, many businesses can thrive from their own home office – and save money in doing so!

From saving money on renting additional space, paying utilities on two properties, purchasing multiples computers for home and work and so on, housing your business inside of your 4 walls means you can profit with the least possible financial investment upfront.

Additionally, one of the biggest advantages of a home office is the tax write-offs you are allowed for having one! Depending on the size of your home and home office, you may be entitled to write off up to 20% of your bills for utilities, mortgage, rent and more!

Ease of Availability for Clients:

When working with clients from different time zones, it can be a challenge to adjust your work day to ensure you are available for that monthly phone conference. Gone will be the days of waiting at the office for the business hour times to line up! With a home office, you can simply hop into your stylish personal office space – no need to drive to another location or waste precious time waiting!

Advantages of a Home Office

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A Special Place to Focus:

Another great advantage of having a home office is the ability to simply close the door and be in an uninterrupted space. Sure, you could sit with your laptop computer on the couch and get your bills paid and college work completed, but the quality and speed with which you complete your tasks will much faster when you are in a peaceful space that promotes productivity!

By closing yourself off in your home office and focusing on completing your work, you can reap the benefits of a job well done and have more time to spend with friends and family.

Advantages of a Home Office

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Advantages of a Home Office

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Personal Advantages of a Home Office


Flexibility for Parental Responsibilities:

People with school-aged or younger children understand the crazy schedule found on an academic calendar. From early release days to school holidays that most American workers are given off, it can be difficult to balance childcare, school, and work. That’s not including unforeseen illnesses and doctor’s appointments. Combine this with the time saved by not needing to commute, and the benefits for young families really add up!

Additionally, when your child does get an unfortunate 24hour bug or a weather-related school day off, you are still able to work. This is a fantastic advantage of a home office, as you can keep one eye on your child and the other on your task at hand. Thereby allowing you to stay on track and fulfill your obligations to your work as well as your family with ease.

Advantages of a Home Office

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Organization of Important Documents:

A designated space for the business needs of your family means you can organize your most important documents with ease. No more rummaging through that drawer in your house where mail always ends up, no more searching through boxes in your closet for a tax return from several years ago. Everything you need to maintain your families more important paperwork will be at your fingertips and all in one place!

Consider adding stylish shelving or a cabinet to house your paperwork and keep your office supplies well stocked and close by.

While a home office isn’t a necessity for everyone, most people would benefit from a dedicated space for their financial and business paperwork, and a quiet area for personal business. Take a look at our constantly expanding inventory and find the desk or office chair that speaks to you and start the new year off with a more organized approach!

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