With its clean lines and vintage cool vibe, mid-century modern decor has regained popularity over the last decade. The comfortable and stylish designs fit with today’s open floor plans and laid-back style. So much so, mid-century modern pieces have made their way into mainstream décor, and are often integrated into other themes as well. This means it is easier than ever to find items for your own living space!

Defining Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is a popular buzzword that has come to mean many different things. It’s generally a reference to movements from the middle of the 20th century – after World War II – in architecture, furniture, materials and technology that become popular after the war ended. The usage of new materials and shapes stemmed from lack of traditional building materials during the war. In modern times, it is most used regarding furnishings and home décor of that time period.
 mid-century mondernKollia - Console Table (Natural & White)

mid-century modernJanette - End Table Table (Weathered Oak & Black Nickle)

Its Continued Popularity Today

Mid-century Modern decor is still popular today for many reasons. Its characteristics make it a perfect fit to incorporate with other design themes. A connection to modern minimalism and the incorporation of natural materials is a special feature that encourages its following.

mid-century modernChrista - Sofa Table (Espresso & White)

mid-century modernCamila A - Swivel Adjustable Stool (Black PU & Walnut)

To Baby Boomers, the design style brings them back to their childhood. This makes it appealing for many in this age group. Among Generation X and Millennials, exposure to television shows and movies featuring mid-century modern décor has endeared them to the style. This has, in turn, encouraged the style for furniture makers throughout the world!

mid-century modern Valora - Coffee Table (Frosted Glass & Champagne)

Mid-Century Characteristics

The easy and versatile look of mid-century modern comes from its clean lines, smooth curves and sleek surfaces. It is more about minimalism and clean shapes. Any excess will not be found in this style of modern design. The general philosophy focuses on the standard elements and function of the piece. It’s worlds away from the ornamental styles of the past like Victorian and Colonial. This new style was the catalyst for many of the clean, uncluttered styles we see today.

mid-century modern

Geometric Blue - Throw Pillow

Geometric shapes are a staple of mid-century modern design, and this throw is a great way to easily add geometric touches.

 mid-century modernMarlon - Coffee Table (Chrome & Clear Glass)

Making Mid-Century Modern Styling Your Own

Interior design should fit your personal lifestyle. Mid-century modern design makes this easy. By incorporating key pieces from the era, you can achieve this look with stunning results. Additionally, since the style lends itself well to other décor themes, you can sprinkle in some of this theme without fully committing. Or, if you have fallen in love with its vintage and functional charm, you can add mid-century flair to your space and transport back in time!

Consider pieces you have in your home that you would like to replace and begin your search! Large items like hutches and couches are a great place to start. These items take up a lot of visual space and command attention in the rooms they are found in. Check out My Décor Space and start with one impressive piece that speaks to you.

From there, evaluate the rest of the room. Donate and sell items you have fallen out of love with and make way for your new style!

mid-century modern Karine - Coffee Table (Walnut & Sandy Black)

As with any interior design, there are several ways to achieve the look you are going for. Thanks to the current love for all things mid-century modern, it is possible to create your own personalized living space. Modern acceptance and celebration of mixing and matching is the perfect opportunity to incorporate vintage pieces, buy new items created in the mid-century modern style. You can easily combine family heirlooms, vintage finds and add new pieces to create the mid-century modern space of your dreams!

Check out My Décor Center for additional inspiration and best practices for incorporating this exciting design theme into your home. The clean simplicity of the design is magically vintage modern all at the same time.

As always, we are proud to offer free shipping with no minimum purchase!

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