Baring it all can take a lot of courage! Modern industrial interior design is about exposing it all and revealing a raw style. This design theme relies on strong structural elements and unfinished touches to achieve its industrial look. Big cities and modernized areas are turning to this design, as it lends itself easily to open floor plans and making the most of warehouse and large spaces.

Likely born out of necessity when converting old or abandoned warehouses, factories, and barns into spaces for urban living, the industrial look celebrates modern yet rugged design elements like nothing else.

The modern industrial design theme enables you a unique opportunity to contrast the raw with the refined, the sleek and modern with the old with the new.

Enhance Your Space with Industrial Modern Style

Sara I - End Table (Walnut & Sandy Black)

The modern interior design also takes open concept living to another level. The furniture and accessories generally used in industrial style homes define most spaces and the purpose they serve. Therefore, a lot of thought goes into every minute detail.

While industrial home design is often minimalist, there’s a lot of room for creating depth by contrasting high-gloss metal finishes with rustic or vintage elements. Form and function are both equally important considerations for industrial modern decor.

Bare beams and visible pipes add interest and dimension against a surface that is ignored in other design themes. Incorporate this look into your space by choosing furnishings that celebrate the rugged industrial feel of this style.

Here are some general basics of modern industrial decor to keep in mind, as the home decor definition may differ from the usual architectural and interior design concepts:

Exposed Pipes and Beams in Modern Industrial Design

Itzel D- Bookshelf (Antique Oak & Sandy Gray)

This really is the star feature of the industrial design industry. Leaving exposed structural and mechanical aspects that other styles might conceal has been the boldest move the design world has seen in generations. The industrial design idea challenges the classical architectural themes while continuing to use the basic concepts of comfort. Practicality and creativity work together in order to create this trend when began as people started converting former industrial areas into residential living for modern homes.

By removing the cost involved in covering all the exposed pipes, beams and ducts running along the high ceilings and walls the building’s history is kept alive – and costs are reduced! This is an important element of the industrial concept of design, and the history of the buildings or structure is often maintained and celebrated.

Wood and Metal Together as One

Francie - Coffee Table (Oak & Industrial Antique Gray)

The delightful texture of grainy wood and smooth metal is a very popular industrial interior design trend among industrial style decor. Easily integrate this concept into your home by adding a coffee table like My Décor Center’s Francie.

Another easy way to integrate the theme is to extend the presence of metal by selecting steel or chrome accents light fixtures and chair legs.

Selecting Color in Industrial Decor

Itzel - Counter Height Table (Antique Oak & Sandy Gray)

Warm, neutral colors like brown and black are generally favored for industrial style décor. You can easily integrate these colors into your design and create the industrial vibe in your living space.

Such shades help to evoke visual warmth to the industrial style rooms, part of an area that might otherwise be overwhelmed by the coldness of metal pipes. Shades of gray are also popular and work very well in a modern industrial setting.

Industrial Design Lighting Elements

Allis - Coffee Table (Dark Weathered Oak)

This is an important aspect of industrial decorating and there are a whole host of lighting options available today. Edison bulbs have gained popularity in recent years due to their vintage vibes and unique flair. Floor lamps and pendants are usually used throughout industrial design spaces for focused lighting. Track lights are a good option for ambient lighting and in areas that are especially spacious.

In recognizing the emergence of industrial interior design décor trends, many retailers are stocking metal-finish or distressed vintage pendants and floor lamps that are perfect for industrial themed spaces.

You can choose to complement the industrial elements with super-sleek, lustrous and modern metal finishes for a very polished contemporary décor, creating the industrial chic interior design feeling. Conversely, you could set a more rustic tone by using a lot of richly textured wood and vintage accessories to contrast with the industrial features. You’ll find all you need at every price point. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a bold statement which defines any modern style.

Creating Your Industrial Modern Space

You’re sure to find just what you need to complete your industrial modern design theme at My Décor Center. From lamps to tables, we have you covered. And with free shipping with no minimum purchase, you can stretch your budget even further!

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