Classy, Affordable, and Durable Corelle

Ever wonder why Corelle products are often sought after and command the audience in family homes?  Have you heard of Vitrelle®? It is a tempered glass consisting of two types of glass laminated in three layers. The sophistication of subtle detail and texture won’t be amiss. Impress your friends and family with this beautiful boutique 16-piece Dinnerware Set. Free shipping with no minimum at My Décor Center!


Corelle 16-pc Cherish Collection


Stainless Steel Cookware Out of Style?

Frequently seen at any home TV show hanging by the kitchen ceiling. I say that this cookware is often perceived as part of the modern kitchen décor with a capability that can handle the toughest treatment while cooking your favorite dish. The Tri-ply clad by Anolon can do just that! Due to its three layers of anodized aluminum that’s great for all-around heat conduction and durability, means that it cooks any dishes evenly.

 Tri-Ply Clad By Anolon


 Convenience At Its Best by Pyrex

Imagine cooking, serving, and storing all-in-one! Whether it’s a simple Baked Mac and Cheese or an old recipe inherited from your Great Nana, this set opens endless possibilities. A non-porous glass that won’t absorb odors, dishwasher safe, can be used in the oven up to + 500° C safely, and to extreme cold temperature - 192° C which makes it an absolute choice for direct heating.

Bake-N-Store 8 pc.


You Can Do It Too!

Have you picked up a new hobby this year? Beginners? Experienced? Have you been asked to participate in making cookies for your son/daughter’s school? This set will help you to create homemade cookies your children would love! A variety of cutters for you to choose from, Circle, Heart, Flower, or Hexagon.

 16-pc Cookie Set By Oneida


Qui Aime Le Fromage? (Who Loves Cheese?)

Entertaining a guest or just simply craving for cheese; A night of Brie; A day of Sbrinz, or an afternoon of Parmigiano-Reggiano? Don’t forget to include this set together with your favorite cheese and bread; Relish on the moment. Find this 4-pc set here at My Décor Center! 

 4-pc Cheese Tool Set


Whether you're hosting a feast or simply learning a new cuisine, let My Décor Center assist you in concocting a meal that your family and friends would love plus enjoy free shipping with no minimum!





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