The coffee table is a classic piece of furniture, dating back to Europe’s Victorian Era. With the ability to make or break the flow and design of your room, deciding on the right coffee table is essential – and stressful! Let’s examine important considerations when making your selection.

Consider Which Materials Your Prefer

From glass to wood or metal, there are a plethora of materials available when choosing your table. Be sure to consider your personal lifestyle and needs before deciding on your coffee table. A glass top might not be the best selection if you have children with sticky fingers – or leaping from couch to table! In contrast, wooden tables are popular, and with good reason. They stand the test of time and are a stately piece of furniture to add to the home. There are some factors to consider when leaning toward wood, however. The coffee table gets its name from its common purpose – holding your drinks! A wooden coffee table needs extra care when performing this task, so be sure you have coasters available to keep the table looking new.

coffee table

Janette - Coffee Table (Weathered Oak & Black Nickle)

The rest comes down to personal style and room size:

* Be mindful of the rest of the furniture in your living space. Adding a table with a bit of personality can spice up an overly-traditional living or family room. Glass, metal or a table with some texture would be an ideal choice. A glass top can open a small or dark space, making this a popular choice for apartments.

*Large rooms and more traditional spaces complement darker colors like black glass tops or a rich wood.

Size and Shape to Suit Your Space

Another important thing to consider when selecting a coffee table for your space is the shape. Determine what will likely work best by looking at your couch.  Longer couches do well with an oval or rectangular shape, as they compliment one another.

More modern couches with strong lines can partner with round or square, depending on your room size. A common interior décor trick is to select a roundtable to break up too many harsh lines in the room and add interest.

coffee table my decor center

Xanti - Coffee Table (Dark Taupe)

Additional considerations include:

*Children are, once again, a consideration when deciding on a table shape, round and oval are ideal, as there aren’t sharp corners for accidental falls.

*The ideal coffee table should be slightly smaller than your couch, with about two feet of space between the couch and the table.

*Consider the height of your couch. A table taller than the couch could be problematic and is often considered a coffee table faux pas. An ideal size difference keeps the table at an inch or two below the seat of the couch. Be sure to examine the description of the coffee table you are considering and be sure it works well for your space – as well as the couch.

Add Functionality and Break the Mold

An overlooked but important aspect to consider is the space it takes up in the room – and how to maximize it. If you are tight on space, consider selecting a coffee table with added storage and shelf space. This will bring a multi-purpose aspect to the table and the added benefit of decluttering the room.  

coffee table my decor center

An unconventional décor strategy for tight spaces is to lose the coffee table all together! In certain rooms, an end table alone might complete the space, or a stool can act as a table or seat. A trend common in high-end magazines is to use a large ottoman in place of a coffee table and add a tray on top to hold drinks and remotes. This is another great option to add functionality to your limited space.

pour my decor center

Republic G - Pouf Ottoman (Cotton & Jute)

For a more bohemian and laid-back approach for a smaller space, try a few colorful poufs in front of your couch. They are easily moved around to open the space and offer both seating and surfaces when needed!


Taking the Final Step

Now you know the best practices to consider when deciding on a coffee table for your living space! Next comes the fun part! My Décor Center offers dozens of gorgeous tables sure to fit any design, style or budget. If you’ve decided an ottoman or pouf would suit your space best, we have many unique choices to fit your personal needs. Browse our modern selection and find that perfect piece you’ve been looking for!

Be sure to act quickly and have your living room ready in time for the holidays!

And as always, shipping is free with no minimum purchase!

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