While patio spaces come in various sizes, from large open areas attached to a home, so a more modest apartment patio, the right furniture can make all the difference. Today we will take a look at top tips to consider when choosing furniture for your outdoor space. With stylish and well-made outdoor furnishings – your patio may soon be your favorite “room” in your house!


Convene 9 Piece Outdoor Patio Sofa Set (Espresso Turquoise)

Consider Seating Options

In order to achieve the maximum level of comfort and style, be mindful of the space you have and how to make the most of it. While the idea of a large sectional might seem counter intuitive for a smaller patio but placing a colorful sectional along the wall will leave the center of the space open – giving a roomier feel.

In contrast, a larger open space next to a pool could benefit from an even larger sectional with more seating. By positioning the sectional with the back free from a wall, it will give the feeling of an additional room and bring the space together effortlessly.

With the change in trends, designers are hearing the call for greater functionality and variability in outdoor furniture and many create entire sets including ottomans, love seats and accent chairs! Modular furniture is especially convenient for those who like to entertain! Pieces can easily be moved about and adjusted to compliment everything from an outdoor afternoon nap to a full-on party! This kind of seating is also fun because it comes in every color of the rainbow and can be purchased in neutral colors to give the feel of indoor furniture, or more vibrant shades to inspire the vibe of a tropical vacation,


Convene 7 Piece Outdoor Patio Sectional Set (Espresso Beige)

Weather and Accident Proof Fabrics

Another point to take into consideration when choosing outdoor furniture is the fact that many fabrics are waterproof and quite simple to keep clean! Most designers keep family and weather friendly fabrics at the forefront of their design, as the furniture will need to stand up to all kinds of outdoor elements from snow to rain. From slip covers to waterproof fabrics, there are endless practical options that will deliver both style and functionality. You might even find yourself spending more time enjoying your outdoor space with less concern for keeping the area spill free! 

Aura Outdoor Patio Wicker Rattan Sofa (Gray White)

Consider the Style of Your Home and Landscape

Not only should you consider fabrics and the space to be filled, keep in mind you want to tie everything into your existing style of your landscape and exterior of your home! Do you have a beloved flowering plant in a personal favorite color? Consider choosing the same shade in the fabric of your patio set and pull the space together with ease! Already have a lot of color taking up visual space? Add neutral outdoor furniture to ground the look and switch up throw pillows to facilitate your vision. 

As you begin shopping for patio furniture, you'll begin to notice that the styles can range drastically. Taking a look at both the exterior of your home and any existing landscaping can help tremendously when picking out furniture that will look right at home after setting it up on your patio.

Go for Quality Pieces

Finally, when picking out your new outdoor furniture, be sure you are investing in quality pieces. As we previously mentioned, outdoor furniture needs to be able to stand the test of time! From hot sun on a summer day to being soaked in a torrential down pour – outdoor furniture is worth the investment!

Additional pieces commonly used to personalize and style an outdoor space include umbrellas to keep areas shaded and outdoor rugs to make the space feel even homier! Ottomans with hidden storage offer the added benefit of hiding extra throw pillows or even that no-to-cute garden hose you only use once in a while!

No matter what you are dreaming of to complete your outdoor living space, My Décor Center has it all! From vibrant and fun seating arrangements to modern neutrals to bring your living room outside – you are sure to agree that the patio is the best room in the house!

As always, we are proud to offer free shipping with no minimum purchase and payment plans to make your dream patio more than a dream – but a reality!

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