Apartment Friendly Furniture Ideas

Whether you are on the hunt for furniture for your first apartment or are simply seeking furniture to upgrade your new or existing living space, we have some great ideas for apartment friendly furniture! Apartment living comes with many benefits, from access to amenities like a gym or sauna to having maintenance to handle fix-it problems. However, apartment living usually means working with a smaller living space. Let’s look at exciting ways to liven up a small apartment space and make the most of every nook and cranny!  Read on to discover apartment friendly furniture ideas!  

My Decor Center Apartnent Friendly Furniture

Astra - Adjustable Sofa (Dark Olive Linen)

What better way to add design along with functionality to a space? A futon is a bed that can be easily converted into a sofa when not in use. The name is Japanese and literally translates to “bed”.  Futons are a perfect way to add space for a guest to stay the night without dedicating the space to be bed full time.  Try adding a futon like this stylish Astra to your office area. This way you can fold it down when you have visitors, and still make great use of your office on normal days without guests!


My Decor Center Apartment Furniture Ideas

Ollano II B - Accent Chair with Storage

Having extra storage is never a bad thing, especially in a smaller living space! This chair is on point with the trending colorful home design style and is well crafted with sleek lines to suit many décor themes. What’s more, under the seat cushion there is a secret storage area! Perfect for stashing extra blankets, pillows or board games! Even better, an armless chair like this one can be used in a pinch at a dining table, adding to its multi-functional ability!

My Decor Center Apartment Furniture Ideas

Inscho - Office Lift Desk

The Inscho lift desk is another apartment friendly furniture idea! This is great solution to help make the most of your space. This table is built with a lever allowing for the height to be adjusted. So you are able to adjust the surface to suit your needs! Turn the table from an office desk used for school, to a chic dinner table, just switch up the chairs!

Because of its simple style, you could add any kind of desk or office chair to enhance the space and add character. Some of our smaller (but stylish!) options are:

If your square footage is extremely limited, this desk could also be tucked away in most closets. This desk is especially useful in larger cities with astronomically priced apartments like New York City and Los Angeles!

My Decor Center Apartment Furniture Ideas

Sean - Office Desk and Chair 2-Piece Set

This Apartment Friendly Furniture Idea isn’t a new one, but why reinvent the wheel? Consider a modern spin on a classic recliner. This isn’t the bulky and dated kind from yesteryear! This Raff recliner offers a modern and minimalist design. It also is a great way to have the satisfaction of kicking up your feet after a long day, without the need to commit to a giant couch taking up your living room!

My Decor Center Apartment Furniture Ideas

Raff - Recliner Power Motion (Blue Leather-Aire)

Simple, clean, stylish loveseat is essential for small apartment living rooms. The cushion on top is great for extra seating, but also is a great place to hold your purse or mail on the way in. This Berci bench is multi-purpose and multi-functional! Use the drawer underneath to tuck away scarves and shoes. This not only organizes your space but leaves the illusion of more space by opening the area and freeing it of clutter!

My Decor Center Apartment Furniture Ideas

Berci - Bench

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