With it’s sleek design and clean lines, modern home décor is a fabulous way to elevate your living space.

An accent piece is a unique piece of furniture that draws in the eye and stands out from the room’s décor. The term “accent” means to emphasize, highlight or spotlight. But where to start? With a dizzying array of options, we are going to look at different areas of the home that can benefit from a great piece of accent furniture.

While many people are drawn to the simplicity of modern décor, some shy away because they find the often-neutral color palette to be off-putting. Modern décor is popular for this same reason, and the crisp look is ideal when adding accent pieces, as it lends itself to any color or theme.

Whether you are looking to breathe new life into a room with one new piece or seeking to completely reinvent your dinning space – we’ve got the accent pieces you need to bring your design goals to life!

From a pop if color to interesting structural pieces, there is sure to be an idea below to inspire you re-image your living space!

Accent Chairs are A Stand-Out Option

Aisling - Accent Chair (Teal Velvet)

Aisling - Accent Chair (Teal Velvet)

Perhaps the most impactful way to add interest to your space is an accent chair. Colorful chairs might seem like a trend, but they have had their place in interior design for decades.

Do you have a neutral toned couch? Try adding a fun accent chair to your living room. They are not only practical, but add interest to an otherwise average space.

Throw Pillows are A Quick Fix

Green Forest - Throw Pillow

Green Forest - Throw Pillow

Inexpensive and packing a punch, throw pillows are the most popular choice when looking to change a room’s look quickly and effortlessly. Stack mono-chromatic pillows on a couch for a modern look or mix and match fabrics and colors for a funkier feel.

Throw pillows are an important focus piece as they work to accent the color or mood of the room. They can even elevate a second accent furniture piece. Imagine this beautiful green pillow on an orange or blue arm chair! The possibilities are endless, and there is no shortage of inspiration in our store.

Dining Room Table – Centerpiece of the Room

Dessa - Dining Table

Dessa - Dining Table

While not technically considered accent furniture by definition, a stand-out table can be the star of the show too! This example shows that an accent piece can be more than just colorful. Leatherette seats add interesting texture and the minimalist table is uniquely beautiful.

More than a Simple Stool

Aniyah - Stool (Faux Fur)

Aniyah - Stool (Faux Fur)

No list discussing accent furniture would be complete without mentioning the simple stool. But here at My Décor Center, they range from understated to accent piece worthy! Multi-functional and a great way to insert personality into any space. Stools have the unique ability to come to the aide in countless situations. A place to rest your feet at the end of a long day, a surface to keep your newest novel or a quick seat for unexpected guests.

Lighting Options to Illuminate Your Space

HGTV Lighting

Images courtesy of HGTV

Industry giant HGTV maintains that each room needs a carefully crafted combination of lighting options to suit many purposes. Table and floor lamps are unique in that they offer both decorative and functional purposes.

This makes lighting another great way to add personality to your space, and a great piece of accent furniture to bring color (and light!) into the room.

A standard reading lamp can come to life by choosing an eye-catching option. Mercury glass is a popular trend, and for good reason. Lamps that bring some sparkle, along with light, add interest to the room and are a great place to insert some glam. This Brit II lamp, available at our store, is a gorgeous accent piece – even when it’s turned off!

A standing floor lamp is another popular choice for an accent furniture piece. They have the added benefit of fitting into corners and small spaces and can add to your existing design theme.

Britt II - Table Lamp

Britt II - Table Lamp

So where will you start?

With the holidays just around the corner, there is no better time than now to start working toward home décor that reflects your personal style. An accent throw pillow can bring to life a tired guest room for visitors, or a stand-out dining room set can be the talk of your holiday celebration.

Perhaps the best part? We always offer hassle free shipping at no cost to you and with no minimum purchase.

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