If you are on a mission to reinvent your space, My Décor Center has 3 simple things to ponder before making any design commitments!

Designing Your Space

Kollia - Console Table (Natural & White)

Get Clear on How You’ll Use the Space

This is an important first step when designing a room. Some rooms have a clear purpose, such as a dining room or kitchen. However, some rooms allow for a bit more creativity. You can make the most of a spare bedroom by adding design elements and styling to make it work as an office as well. Or, a living room can also become a multi-purpose space by purchasing easy to move module pieces.  

Consider the idea that just nearly all homes have a living room, but how they are utilized in each home can vary greatly! Do you hold a weekly game night and have many people using the space? Or are you more of the quiet type and spend your evenings curled up with a good book? The first person would be well suited to select space saving seating with plenty of surfaces for drinks. The second person could create their ideal living room by purchasing a plush chaise lounge! Do you have any pets or little ones? Keep them in mind when designing your space.

Designing Your Space

Bestow Upholstered Fabric Sofa (Teal)

Establish a Realistic Budget

After you establish the pieces you are looking for, the next step is to determine your budget. This part might seem a bit discouraging, depending on how much you are able to dedicate to your redesign, but you might be surprised how much one or two pieces can transform the room. Look at every piece of furniture you already have and decide what you love, what you hate and what you can work with. Pinterest offers a wealth of inspiration for ways to easily paint and make over pieces that don’t quite work but have good “bones”. What do you hope to change about the space? Are you holding onto most of the furniture you have but plan to update the accents, or are you starting over entirely? What style is your décor style, or what style are you hoping to achieve? Getting clear on all these steps and establishing a budget based on your findings is the next big move toward updating your room!

Spend some time looking through interior design blogs, images from magazines, or pinning photos to a special Pinterest board. Look for a pattern as to what you are drawn to and seek to implement those elements into your new space. Take a trip to your local hardware store and look for paint swatches and details like light switches to update your design inexpensively and dramatically.

Determining where you stand with what you have already and what you need is an important part of establishing your budget. If you look at the room and decide your couch is just too dated and a few throw pillows aren’t going to do the trick, then likely most of your budget will go toward a new sofa. By contrast, if you love your larger pieces but want a different vibe or color scheme, your budget will be best spent on rugs and other accent pieces! Focus on the best way to get the looks you desire and avoid wasting your budget on frivolous wall decorations or smaller items.

 Designing Your Space

Boice - Office Desk w/ Smoky Mirror

Personalize Your Space

When you are busying looking for design inspiration, it is easy to get carried away with whatever the latest trend might be and losing sight of your personal style. Always seek to add elements of individual style and interests. From your cherished collections to artwork from friends and family, consider letting these items become the focus for the room, or look to them for inspiration as well! Situate large frames of your more cherished family photos or make special room for a vintage piece that has been in the family for generations. Your space is special because of, well - you! So, try not to lose sight of the personal touches and pieces you already have and showcase them proudly.

By adding the best pieces to suit your space, My Décor Center can help make your home into the one you’ve been dreaming of! We have countless colorful accent chairs to liven up a room in need of personality, and plush sofas, perfect for a family to enjoy during the weekend! By following these three steps, you are well on your way to making the most of designing your space and not wasting time and energy on trendy items that you may fall out of love with quickly.

Have a look at our other blogs for even more design inspiration, and as always – we offer free shipping with no minimum purchase!

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