If you spend even the smallest amount of time watching HGTV or leafing through interior design magazines, you’ll notice pendant lighting is back in a major way. Perhaps the best part about their revival is many designers have heard the call of design junkies looking for the perfect lamp for their space. 2019 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year for pendant lighting and with the countless designs at various price points, you are sure to find the perfect one at My Décor Center!

Chandelier Pendant

2019 pendant light

Nobility Pendant Light Ceiling Pendant Light Ceiling

 A classic chandelier pendant is a great way to mix modern with classic. Ideal for placement in entryways or over dining tables, this style is sure to be a conversation starter. Additionally, this design is a great way to open floor space in smaller rooms or draw the eye upward to add a touch of elegance.

Globe Pendant 

Shine Pendant Chandelier

Shine Pendant Chandelier

The sphere or globe shape pendant has been popular in recent years, likely due to the renaissance of mid-century design elements. They are an excellent option due to their understated simplicity. They also leave room for creativity as you can choose to hang one by itself, or several either lined up or at varying heights. The globe pendant is another example of a timeless look that is simultaneously modern and vintage all at the same time.

Bowl Pendant

2019 pendant light

 Dimple 13.5" Half-Sphere Rose Gold Pendant Light

The bowl-shaped pendant is likely the most common offering, due to their simple function and design. The shape allows all light emitted to be focused downward, making them the perfect option for dinner tables or desk spaces where light is needed to read. Also, due to the popularity of the bowl-shaped pendant light, you can easily find one with the perfect details to compliment your space. From various metal tones to decorative dimples, the bowl pendant highlights the best pieces of furniture in your home, and sheds some light on you during those all-nighters studying.

Exposed Floating Bulb Pendant

2019 pendant light

Orbit Brass Ceiling Pendant Light

The exposed bulb trend is another side effect seen as a result of the return of the pendant light. This style is eye-catching and funky! The exposed bulb look is also popular as it too lends itself perfectly to several design themes. It is most popular in industrial and minimalist spaces and adds an unusual design element without taking the focus off the rest of the furniture in the room. This style is commonly seen in modern style restaurants and coffee houses, which ups its “cool” factor.

Clustered Pendants

2019 pendant light

 Peak Brass Cone and Glass Globe Cluster Pendant Chandelier

Why have one pendant when you can have multiple? This style of multi-pendant lighting is great for open spaces that are in desperate need of some brightening up. They are ideal for those who love the concept of grouped pendants, but don’t want to update their wiring to accommodate multiple fixtures. As is the case with many of the other designs mentioned, this clustered style easily compliments nearly any design style, and can add the “wow” factor to an ordinary room, or perfectly tie together the entryway to your home.

Sputnik Pendant

2019 pendant light

Resolve Brass Pendant Chandelier

While we are on the topic of the “wow” factor, the sputnik pendant is another example of vintage mid-century style finding its way into the modern décor vibe. This design is a celebration of the ‘50s and adds a fun vintage touch to any room. The look was made popular in the late 1950s and received its namesake from the space-age elements of the time. So, consider adding a sputnik pendant in your home, and capture the excitement of the space race in your home décor.

Abstract Pendant

2019 pendant light

Atom Chandelier

Perhaps the most modern addition in pendant lighting are the various abstract options available. These designs have been made popular on interior design shows like Fixer Upper and other DIY style shows. This style is a great way to spice up your lighting and add a modern element without breaking the bank. Many options in the abstract category feature cage-like shapes that work well with rustic farmhouse all the way to French farmhouse or seaside cottage. The uniqueness of the pieces make them appear as though they are stunning examples of modern art, and the abstract pendant offers vibrant lighting along with style.

So how will you incorporate pendant lighting into your home in 2019? From minimalist open bulbs to dramatic works of art, there are countless ways to effortlessly incorporate this timeless trend into your home this year!

As always, My Decor Center is proud to offer free shipping with no minimum purchase, so you can have the perfect pendant in your living space for the best price possible! Be sure you check out our other blogs for even more design inspiration.

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