When it comes to creating the perfect look for your home, every design aficionado knows that furniture can make or break your space. Choosing the perfect pieces can inspire your entire home aesthetic. To help you wade through the furniture trends to watch out for in 2019, we scoured the internet and found the trends making the biggest splash so far this year. From luxuriously upholstered headboards to unique accent chairs, these are the top furniture trends to keep in mind in 2019.


2019's hottest trends

Whitewashed rooms with touches of grey have had their moment in the sun for quite some time now, as well as furnishings made of unfinished wood. This year we are seeing a creative blending of the two. Weathered grey oak is popping up all over home décor magazines, and it’s easy to see why! Oak has the unique quality of displaying its pretty grain through the finish, so the coloring adds an unexpected yet modern element. It is simple to incorporate this look in any room in your home and has been most popular in the living room and kitchen.


2019's hottest trends

Your bed is a place to lay your head, and you no doubt want it as welcoming as possible! The trending look in the bedroom is the beloved upholstered headboard. The plush fabric adds an even more inviting element to your bedroom and a luxurious feel. From using a plush headboard to add a pop of color to choosing an understated cream shade, your bedroom and be transformed simply with this statement piece. This trend has been popular due to its reasonable cost and the power a fresh headboard has in establishing the look in a bedroom.


2019's hottest trends

As whites and neutrals continue to dominate home décor, adding a bold pop of color had been a popular choice so far this year. Choosing a single stunning piece to introduce into your space can completely change the vibe of the room.  A rich blue shade is often seen in rustic and country themes, while vibrant red and orange are popular in modern and loft spaces. Another option is to include a complimentary color to one you already have in your home. For example, the pictured terracotta loveseat would look stunning in a room with navy touches.


2019's hottest trends

With the trend continuing toward minimalistic and modern pieces, many people have been seeking multi-functional furniture to keep clutter low and space open. Pieces with hidden storage, small footprints and sleek design as becoming increasingly popular across all design themes. These pieces are especially popular in bedrooms and entryways, where space is limited, and organization is essential.


2019's hottest trends

The hunt for vintage and handcrafted pieces continues. As mid-century modern continues to be a popular design element in home décor, vintage pieces from all eras are emerging as a popular injection of personality into spaces with many mass-produced items. Many designers are choosing to interject pieces that go against the grain and stand out from the design of the rest of the space. This touch adds a unique flair and allows your personality to shine in your home.


2019's hottest trends

Millennial pink has been trending for years now, and it has given birth to a love of all things pink. The shade is being seen in unexpected places in the home and is increasingly considered the new neutral. Loved for its versatility, the right shade of pink can pair well with anything from white to grey. Additionally, it complements many other popular colors well, such as navy or deep green.


2019's hottest trends

Following the idea of celebrating the unexpected, curvy lines are ion the rise. The modern look has brought with its strong lines and a clean look. To break the mold, many designers are adding a fun yet functional seating options into spaces. Some even suspect that as the vintage trend continues, curvy 70’s inspired f furniture will be the next big thing. So, consider getting ahead of the trend and be on the lookout for the perfect curvy piece for your space!

To 2019 and Beyond

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